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→ Converse Your Engineering Platforms.

Self-serve conversational AI powered developer platform for your complex DevOps tasks

Integrate Kubi with Kubernetes

No terminals, context switching or Kubectl needed to pull logs, scale up or down, restart or rollback

Kubernetes using Kubiya

Integrate Kubi with your cloud

Control the expeirence and extend your AWS, GCP or Azure without the knowledge of the control

Integrate Kubi with your CI/CD

Trigger jobs, get status, logs and more without the complexity of your CI user experience

Jenkins using Kubiya

Integrate Kubi with your version control

Update config files, create and merge PRs, check DORA metrics and more

Gitlab using Kubiya

Integrate Kubi with your organizational knowledge

No more "How do I...?".

Integrate Kubi with Pagerduty

Get incident information and trigger runbooks without months of ramp up