Buy vs. Build in DevOps

May 17, 2023

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Join us for a lively discussion on the age-old debate of "Buy vs. Build in DevOps" with five industry experts. Our panelists will explore the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing pre-built software versus building custom solutions, and share their insights on when each approach is the best choice. Don't miss out on this insightful online event!

Egil Østhus - CEO & founder @Unleash

Egil is the CEO and founder of Unleash, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in product development, consulting, and project management. With experience at top-tier companies such as Visma, Accenture, Cisco, and Telenor, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His passion for innovation and commitment has helped build Unleash, an open-source feature flagging solution into a Series A company with some great customers like Cognite, Superside and Tink.

Angel Rivera - Principal Developer Advocate @CircleCI

Angel started his career as an US Air Force Space Systems Operations specialist when he realized his passion for technology and software development. He has extensive experience in the private, public and military sectors and his technical experience includes military/space lift operations, technical writing, software development, SRE/DevOPs engineering. He also has a wealth of experience in defense and federal sectors such as contracting, information systems security and management.

Itiel Shwartz - CTO & co-founder @Komodor

Itiel is the CTO and co-founder of Komodor - the next-gen Kubernetes Operations Platform. A big believer in dev empowerment and moving fast. Worked at eBay, Forter, and Rookout (first developer), A backend and infra developer turned “DevOps”, and an avid public speaker that loves talking about things such as cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, python, observability, and R&D culture.

Sergio Méndez - DevOps engineer @Yalo & CNCF ambassador

Sergio is a systems engineer and professor of operating systems at USAC Guatemala university. He has experience working on DevOps, and MLOps using open source technologies at work. About open source communities, he is involved in the CNCF Community, promoting students into the CNCF Ecosystem and hosting a Cloud Native meetup in Guatemala. He has been a speaker at several conferences. He is also a CNCF and Linkerd Ambassador, and author of the Packt book Edge Computing Systems with Kubernetes.

Peter ONeill - Engineer @WebRiot [moderator]

Peter ONeill is a DevOps Engineer focused on OSS and DevRel. Currently he is designing digital transformation journeys for companies that either want to start off cloud native, or migrate existing infrastructure to the cloud.  Connect with Peter on LinkedIn and Twitter at peteroneilljr to discuss opportunities.

If you want to learn more about Kubiya, the "ChatGPT for DevOps", click here.

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