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Kubiya is a DevOps virtual assistant 

that captures and converts organizational knowledge into self-service workflows for a delightful business, IT and cloudops experience.


Trusted by forward thinking companies

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”Kubiya helps convert repetitive and laborious work like employee onboarding into a self service workflow over Slack. We were also able to tighten governance and controls by implementing self-service resource provisioning while prioritizing security and speed of operations”


Jim Walnum


Fortune 500 Company

“Last mile’ bottlenecks are a killer,and tracking down service owners, managing access controls, and provisioning new resources in a company like ours can be quit the adventure. Kubiya’s approach to reducing laborious ticket heavy process into a one-click workflows while maintaining the balance between security and operational agility is a game changer for us”


Daniel Jensen

Engineering Group Manager


“Kubiya let’s my team and I execute complex, repetitive tasks in a blink of an eye. What used to be a long drawn out byzantine process due to security concerns, such as assisting external Github contributors from partners, now happens with a few sentences.  It’s automation enlightenment in a chat window”


Phil Gardner

Senior Staff Engineer


”RPA for our operation seemed like a pipe dream until we met with Kubiya, In a simple and accessible manner we are able to convert operational processes that can take hours into instant actionable workflows and bring both internal and external users the gift of robotic process automation”


Ray Panahon

SVP Technology and Engineering

Self-Service request Management

Empowering self-service requests within operations is the key to hyper efficiency and automation.

Keep business moving, stakeholders and service owners in the loop, and create a culture of collaboration and operational efficiency without sacrificing security.


Granular Access Controls

One time, temporary or extended permissions management for every resource, both cloud or internal. 


Manage and browse every databases, computing, IAM, K8s, resource to easily grant access.

Create audit trail, avoid context switching, and enable just in time access controls without losing speed of operations.

New User Onboarding

Whether its onboarding a new employee  or an outside user as a Github contributor, Kubiya has you covered.

Don't overthink the process; just ask Kubiya intelligent operator for help and watch your users delight in the experience.


Helping cloud operations be 

profit center

Kubiya’s intelligent operator drives 80% savings of human capital.


Context Aware Troubleshooting

Context Aware Troubleshooting™ is the use of AI guided workflows as a means to achieve operational hyper efficiency within cloud operations.   As an intelligent virtual assistant, Kubiya removes the guesswork for your operators and reduces human error while increasing operational efficiency by 80% with the same resources.

See what the Experts are Saying


“As someone who looks at DevTools for a living, every so often I come across a solution that solves such an obvious pain point, I wonder why it hasn't been done before. Kubiya is such a product. It simplifies managing the torrent of tasks hitting the modern SRE in a pretty ingenious way.  Your SREs will absolutely thank you.”


Tom Trahan

VP of Business and Corporate development


”Kubiya is a DevOps force

multiplier - I wish we’d had it available when we were building Auth0 and Xnor”


Jon Gelsey

Ex-CEO (acquired by Apple), Ex-CEO Auth0 (acquired by Okta)


“Cloud native operations is a growing problem and people are taking notice. When a service request like provisioning a new Kubernetes resource or triggering a Jenkins job becomes an ordeal filled with ticket requests, access controls, and business justifications you know the system is broken. In my opinion Kubiya is the first purpose built solution to solve these challenges from the root cause.”


Oleg Verhovsky

Head of OceanCD , Co-Founder of CodeFresh

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Kubiya's adaptable and extensible templates work with technology providers across the entire stack.  If it doesn't connect, it doesn't exist.

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