Generative AI for DevOps: Career must or overhyped bust?

June 22, 2023

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Come learn about the lesser-known impacts of generative AI on DevOps careers. Our panel will discuss job market disruption, ethical implications, and how to stay relevant in the face of rapidly advancing AI. Plus, we'll explore the role of human creativity and expertise in the future of work. Get diverse perspectives on a topic shaping the tech industry.

The discussion will be structured around three components:

  • How will generative AI impact DevOps - an overview
  • What will this mean for engineer’s careers? What will the future of engineering jobs look like?
  • Prompt engineering and upskilling - what can engineers do today?

Whether you're a DevOps pro or just getting started, this event is not to be missed! Get ready to be inspired and to learn from the best in the field.

Ohad Maislish - Co-founder and CEO at env0

Ohad is the CEO and co-founder of env0. Before env0, Ohad founded Arno, a cloud infrastructure services company, and Capester. He started his career as the youngest developer at Microsoft Israel at the age of 17, after starting his bachelor's degree at the age of 14.

env0 is the best way to deploy and manage your IaC, including Terraform, Terragrunt, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, and others. env0 enables users and teams to collaborate and manage self-service cloud deployments.

Amit Govrin - Co-founder and CEO at Kubiya

Amit led the AWS Global DevOps and DevSecOps partnerships, is a former VP at Cloudyn and a second time founder in the DevOps domain.

His familiarity with DevOps challenges from a practitioner, vendor and AWS prospective offered him a window into the unique challenge between Developers and DevOps exchange that led him to co-found Kubiya. As the industry’s first DevOps virtual assistant, Kubiya was early to involve LLMs and Conversational AI into the DevOps tool chain as a Slack native chatbot that helps developers self-serve DevOps functions with minimal human intervention - think ChatGPT for DevOps.

Gal Porat - Head of DevOps at Salt Security

Gal has eight years of experience in DevOps, five of which he spent managing DevOps teams. From cloud-native to IaC, he's been breathing cloud every single day for the past decade.

Salt is the leader in the API security field, providing a real-time detection and prevention platform for API attacks. Based on ML, Salt is able to provide context based solution to all kind of API implementations.

Internally, Salt has used technologies like AWS, kubernetes, Terraform, ArgoCD - and grew by 300% in the past year.

Will Sutton - Managing consultant at energize

Will is a specialist technology recruitment consultant who manages the Cloud & DevOps team at Energize Cloud. He has over 9 years of recruitment experience working with some of the best organizations in Europe, giving him unique insights into a range of different teams.

Energize Cloud is a specialist talent provider supporting businesses to hire the best Cloud, Infrastructure and Development professionals. Over the past 6 years we have partnered with some of the world’s foremost end user enterprises, consultancies and scale-ups.

Shon Harris - DevRel & Strategic Alliances at Spot by NetApp

Shon is a dedicated technologist and ultra-geek. He came to NetApp after almost a decade working in cloud native roles such as Principal Cloud Architect and a DevOps Engineering Lead, where he took complex software packages and processes, shifting them into a cloud-first mindset.

Spot by NetApp uses automation and advanced analytics to continuously optimize clients' cloud infrastructure - saving up to 90% on cloud bills.

MODERATOR: Kunal Kushwaha - Influencer and DevRel at Civo

Kunal is empowering communities via open-source and education. He finds passion in teaching and has taught thousands of folks online and in person. He is a developer relations manager at Civo, CNCF Ambassador, TEDx speaker and a GitHub Star.

Cive is the first cloud native service provider powered only by Kubernetes offering blazing fast cluster launch times in under 90 seconds, simplified developer experience and transparent pricing from just $5 a month. Civo Kubernetes provides all of the core components of the control plane for free.

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