Kubiya next generation is here!

Amit Eyal Govrin


October 11, 2023

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The Kubiya team is thrilled to announce the release of its next generation conversational-AI powered internal developer platform (IDP). The launch has several major advancements including a full conversational experience, easy onboarding and native actions.


Kubi leverages a groundbreaking agent framework that democratizes the self-service of complex tasks, queries, and operations through simple conversations. This innovation dramatically shifts the developer experience by affording every user their own personalized conversational-AI powered DevOps assistant, allowing seamless communication with their engineering platform in natural language, transforming the way developers and organizations work. The standout feature of Kubiya's next generation is the ability to chain together multiple purpose-built agents, each with domain specific knowledge and trained on fine-tuned LLMs, connected by a mental model, allowing it to execute complex end-to-end operations as if it were a DevOps engineer. This chain of thought closely mirrors the human brain's neural network, where different lobes work together to perform tasks. 

This new framework allows users to interact with Kubi in new ways, specifically:

  • Users can have more natural conversations with Kubi, a major improvement  above the prescriptive interactions in Gen-1.
  • Kubi can now respond in public channels. 
  • Kubi now has memory making it quicker, easier to iterate with, and more interactive as well as able to bring in relevant data from earlier conversations and context switching.   
  • Native cli support which means out-of-the-box support for querying and actions for multiple platforms.

The benefits of this new agent framework extend beyond the immediate conversation to improving the overall developer experience and increasing adoption of the IDP in your organization. The benefits to developers are clear - the ability to self-serve resources complete with a human-like interaction of an assistant, results in more productivity and less context switching, resulting in better productivity.

Seamless Onboarding

The Kubiya team built a new seamless onboarding experience allowing you to get setup in minutes. Simply install Kubiya in their Slack workspace, accept the invitation to join, install the Kubiya CLI runner, and deploy actions. 

Workless workflows

Our users spoke and we listened! Our next generation conversations don’t require pre-built workflows. You can customize the actions using simple python or use our native actions. Want to query any of your engineering platforms? Native queries don’t even require actions - Just ask and Kubi will construct any query on the fly!

Learn more about Kubiya's next generation

Kubiya next generation includes all the benefits of prior versions of Kubiya with the added benefit of natural conversations, new integrations, easy onboarding, out-of-the-box native CLI and more. 

Talk to Kubi in our Slack sandbox or set up your own private instance and leverage our community integrations (reach out if you need additional integrations).

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See Kubi in Action in our playground

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