Kubiya Release Notes - v10-11-2023-next-gen

Christina Hupy

Dev relations

October 16, 2023

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Kubiya.ai is thrilled to announce the release of Kubiya Next Gen version dated 11.10.2023. This version brings an entirely new agent framework allowing for more natural conversations, native CLI support, a dashboard and streamlined onboarding experience. 

What’s New?

Intelligent Agent - Kubi

Next Gen has the ability to chain together multiple purpose-built agents, each with domain specific knowledge and trained on fine-tuned LLMs, connected by a mental model, allowing it to execute complex end-to-end operations as if it were a DevOps engineer. This chain of thought closely mirrors the human brain's neural network, where different lobes work together to perform tasks. As a result, Kubi  has memory and the ability to context switch all in the flow of a natural conversation. And to ensure Kubi feels part of the team, we have now added the ability for him to respond in public channels. 

Out-of-the-box integration

No need to create workflows. Kubiya leverages native CLI support for querying and actions for multiple platforms.

This means Kubi, out of the box, can help DevOps engineers with any questions or requests. You can still create your own custom actions if you choose to do so.


The onboarding process has been streamlined in Next Gen and can now be accomplished in minutes. Users simply install Kubiya in their Slack workspace, accept the invitation to join, install the Kubiya CLI runner, and deploy pre-built actions out of the box. Both public integrations (no runners needed) and private integrations (using local runners) are available.

Connecting you AWS to Kubiya


Users now have a dashboard that allows them to view all activity in one place with intuitive graphics.  Track calls to action, numbers of users taking to Kubi and more. Dashboard elements include:

  • Number of users
  • Number of executed Actions
  • Hours saved
  • Top executed Actions 
  • Top Active Users Chart
  • Last executed Actions

The Actions History log allows users to see all activity in one panel with the ability to filter by date or other parameters. Users can sort by Action, Runner, Status, Time, User and more. 

Future Updates (spoilers)

  1. Onboarding directly in the UI
  2. Native integration with GitHub
  3. Invite users directly from Slack
  4. One click Jira integration using OAUTH

See Kubi in Action in our playground

See Kubi in Action in our playground

Try our playground