Kubiya Release Notes v11-27-2023

Shani Shoham


November 27, 2023

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This release brings 3 highly anticipated features: Support for event based actions, multiple clusters and Pro version including support for Terraform.

Event based actions

While previously Kubi could only talk to users and start conversations in respond to a user's ask, platforms can now ask Kubi to trigger actions by using webhooks in response to an event. This opens up a new set of use cases including Kubi's ability to respond to incidents from your monitoring tools, such as the need to scale up a deployment, or the need to fulfill a Jira ticket once it's approved.

In summary, with webhooks, both the user and Kubi can now start a conversation.

Read more about webhooks and event based actions in our docs.

Support for multiple clusters

As of today, if multiple runners are set up, any Kubernetes based conversations will now automatically ask the user to choose a cluster to run the action on. This means you can create a separation between various clusters, provide a different set of permissions to each cluster and query and action multiple clusters in your network.

Support for multiple Ks clusters

Terraform support and Pro profiles

Administrations can create various profiles and give users access to other profiles, which includes co-pilot to different platforms or capabilities. Each profile runs in a new container.

As part of the Pro experience Kubi can now detect Terraform modules, create new PRs or alternatively clone those repos, identify and updates the variables.tf file and do terraform init and terraform plan.

But Kubi can do more than that: It can also create new Terraform to provision new resources using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and do other Terraform actions such as destroy previously created resources.

You can read more about how to use our Pro mode here.

If you missed our prior release notes, we previously introduced simplified integration and a new dashboard. Click here to read more.

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