Kubiya Release Notes v16-01-2024 - Managing temporary permissions and scheduling tasks

Shani Shoham


January 14, 2024

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Just-in-Time Access / Permissions Management

DevOps, platform engineerings and security teams want to control what their end-users can do but every now and then a user requires temporary access or permission to complete a task. Users can now request permissions to do such tasks. Kubiya will determine the relevant agent based on the task at hand and manage the temporary permission including revoking access at the end of the approved time.

Click here to read more about managing permissions.

Scheduled Task

Another frequent request from many of our users was to have Kubi automatically run a specific task at a given cadence. Now you can wake up every morning and have kubi provide you a report, or have Kubi delete a bunch of temporary instances that were left behind. Just describe the task, choose the channel to report to and the cadence and Kubi will do the rest.

Click here to read more about scheduling tasks.

Out of the box Agents

We have created out-of-the-box agents for you that are powerful and can master Terraform, Kuberenetes or any cloud assignment. Keep in mind that on-top of these agents you can alway create you own custom agent.

Finding Agents

Last but not least, we've made it super easy to find what you are looking for. Just describe what you want to do and Kubi will find and open the relevant agent for you so you can continue your sessions seamlessly. Agents give you a good segmentation by environments and tasks but this might overhwhelm random users. Worry no more.

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