Kubiya Release Notes v23.08.17 - New access control, context switching and groups

Christina Hupy

Dev relations

August 23, 2023

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Kubiya is excited to announce new features with the v23.08.17 release. 

Support for context switching

Kubi now has memory and can recall details from earlier in the conversation making it quicker, easier, and more natural to achieve tasks in conversational interactions.

New RBAC Engine

A new RBAC engine uses Open Policy Agent (OPA). Define permissions per group, domain, action and runner.

Knowledge Support for Confluence (currently in beta for selected customers)

This version introduces knowledge support for Confluence. Users can connect to Confluence with a one-click integration using the OAuth2 Confluence. Kubi will search available knowledge vectors for queries and display relevant knowledge sources.

Managing User Groups

It is now possible to manage user groups using the web interface. Users can now invite new users, manage groups, and more. Admins can also create a reserved admin group. 

Future Updates (Spoilers) 

New integrations: GitLab, BitBucket, and ArgoCD. 

  1. Improved onboarding experience: We are improving the onboarding experience to make it easy to get up and running in minutes. 
  2. Improved response time: We fine tuned our classification model and reduced the time to classify to under a second. 

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