What are OpenAI functions and why they are important in DevOps

Shaked Askayo


July 13, 2023

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What are OpenAI Functions

OpenAI Functions are pretrained models that have been fine-tuned on specific tasks. These models are trained on vast amounts of data and learn to generate human-like output based on the provided inputs. It allows users to invoke specific functions within the OpenAI API. It provides a structured and interactive way to interact with the model.

Function calls are supposed to decrease hallucinations and increase the predictability of GPT and are critical for tasks where the cost of error is high. 

How to use OpenAI Functions

To use OpenAI function calling, users need to specify the desired function by its name and provide any relevant arguments. These function names and arguments are passed as parameters in the API call, allowing users to harness the model's capabilities more effectively.

Example of using OpenAI Functions

An example use case for OpenAI function calling is in the development of a customer support chatbot. By leveraging the function "get_customer_support_response" and passing the user's query as an argument, the chatbot can retrieve a targeted response tailored to the customer's specific question or issue. This approach enhances the efficiency and personalization of the support experience, ensuring that customers receive relevant and accurate assistance.

Why OpenAI Functions are critical in the context of DevOps

This capability makes OpenAI Functions particularly useful in a DevOps context, where automated tasks can be performed by these models with a high degree of accuracy.

OpenAI Functions come in various flavors, each tailored to perform a particular task. For example, there are Functions specialized in code generation, natural language processing, and even infrastructure management. This versatility allows DevOps teams to choose the most suitable Function for a specific task, thereby making their workflows more efficient and reliable.

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